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lundi 20 mars 2017

                          The Future of Android Games, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

{Mobile phone|Portable|Cell} gaming has come a very good way since the introduction of {primitive|raw|a bit crude} & simple games like Snake and Pong {that have been|that were|which are} available on early Nokia phones. Mobile processors and graphics are now as powerful as desktop {computer systems were|personal computers were|pcs were} {simply a} few years ago. Older generations still remember lugging around {a game title|a casino game|a} Boy or Game {equipment|products|items} and begging their parents for another game. Fresh generations literally have gain access to 100's of hundreds of games on their mobile device.

In brief, mobile gaming has {cracked|erupted|increased} in {simply a} few years time. In the month of July 2016 {there have been|there was|there are} 63. 1 million {game|games|calotte} games downloaded & {video games|game titles} in the "strategy" category {made} $195M revenue. {Inside|Within just} a recent study over 37% of mobile {software|iphone app} users with 30 minutes of free time choose to play games over any other activity. {Coming from|We have|We now have} all seen it and we've all done it ourselves, whether its {waiting around|holding out|ready} for {a scheduled appointment|a consultation|a meeting} or {seated|sitting down|resting} at the airport, we pull out our mobile device and jump into a quick game to kill the time.

{Therefore|Thus|Consequently} what does all of this mean for the future of android {video gaming|gambling|game playing}? For starters, the large amounts of {earnings} and user interest in {google android|android os} gaming has bolstered {constant|ongoing} innovation and fierce competition in a global {market place|market|industry}. For example, just {a year|twelve months} ago, top executives were saying they didn't see any major benefit to augmented reality. With the release of Pokemon {Move|Get|Head out} and estimates citing as much as $500 {mil|, 000, 000} in {earnings} {in only|within} {sixty|62|70} days, I think we can all agree {increased|optimized} reality is here to stay.

{Virtuelle realität is|Virtuelle wirklichkeit is} another area that has been {obtaining|collecting|getting} steam in recent {weeks|a few months|several weeks}. You can now buy virtual reality headsets at local gas stations for a mere $30. Or perhaps if you're on a budget {you can buy|you can aquire} Google {Cardboard boxes|Card} for {less than|as low as|as few as} $7. 00. There are still only a limited number of VR enabled games but that number is increasing daily. Not only that, as increasing numbers of people experience VR {our company is|were|we could} sure to see a blockbuster release sooner or later.

Let's {have a look at|look into} some real life examples of recent game releases. {Daybreak|Start|Beginning} of Titans which was recently released on the search engines Play was in development {for more than|over} 2 years. This is {similar|a bit like} to the expansion {routine|pattern|circuit} of a mid-level {PERSONAL COMPUTER|COMPUTER|LAPTOP OR COMPUTER} game release on {Vapor|Heavy steam}. The game features mass {handled|manipulated} troops, world building elements and impressive {images|design}. {A couple of years|Many years|Some three years} ago this would be considered {a significant|an important|a serious} release for the Android {system|program}. These days this {is merely} another drop in the large pond. With over installment payments on your 4 million {programs|software} and games currently listed on the search engines Take up it's become an {progressively|significantly|more and more} to stand out. This kind of is actually {great news|very good news} for gamers as developers are working harder and faster to create new {progressive|ground breaking} titles to attract users.

I firmly {believe|assume that} both Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) {game titles are|headings are|games are} going to gain more traction in 2017. Major developers who can pump out triple A content can't be {remaining|still left|kept} in the dust while indie developers pump away AR and VR {allowed|empowered} games. They will be required to port existing titles and come up exciting new ways to interact with the mobile devices.

{There are numerous|There are plenty of} gimmicky {video games|game titles} available that utilize the phones microphone, gyroscope, camera and accelerometer. {Nevertheless ,|Yet ,} these sensors combined with {KVADRATMETER|FLADEM?L|AREAL} and VR could bring a whole new experience to gamers. Imagine walking by using a recreated 3D world that {signifies|symbolizes|presents} your neighbourhood, immersed in full virtual reality, and {making use of your|utilizing your|employing your} phone as a targeting device to {protect|guard} against waves of {the walking dead|the living dead|the undead}. This is already possible with the technology that is available, it just needs to be {packed|manufactured|grouped together} in an user friendly way {that folks} can enjoy.

Combining meticulous graphics with well thought out {virtuelle realität|virtuelle wirklichkeit} {activities|experience} would be impressive indeed. If you're familiar with PC based {digital|online|electronic} reality demo's {you know|you are already aware|you are aware} how immersive the experience can be. It's only an issue of time before these same {activities|experience} make their way to our mobile devices all over. And to think, only 3 decades ago we were playing Mario on our beloved Nintendo {games consoles|gaming systems|units}. Let's not even {point out|talk about|refer to} the Virtual Boy that burned your eyes after 2 minutes of {taking part in|performing|using} tennis. Android games and mobile games {generally speaking|on the whole} {came|attended} a long ways since then and they'll continue to push barriers even more in the {close to|around} future.

Vince Cordic is a serial Android gamer. He enjoys writing about Android games for, to can download {countless numbers|hundreds} of Android games without geo-resitrctions.

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