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mercredi 15 mars 2017

Linux Academy Rolls Out New Cloud-Based Training Platform :

The Cloud Assessments platform will focus initially on training and testing of AWS, due to the strong demand for that cloud-based computing platform and the large skills gap of existing knowledge among IT workers.
"Since AWS is a leader in the market, companies and individuals are rushing to ensure they can handle these technologies," said Linux Academy CEO Anthony James.

AWS Demand

The academy's current focus is preparation and validation for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate level exam, James told LinuxInsider. However, there are other in-demand areas that it is beginning to explore.
Hands-on learning has been very important to professionals who have taken these courses, James said. "We came to understand that not only do people want to learn, but they also want to validate their skills in a way that our industry would recognize."
Another critical aspect of the Academy's approach is what it calls "lean learning," which involves recommending specific training based on a user's specific performance, he continued. The new training efforts target specific areas that need improvement.
The Cloud Assessments platform offers a different approach to teaching IT professionals by using live servers in existing work environments. Workers actually learn skills they can use on the job in real time. They're not limited to responding to questions in a test environment.
Individuals also can use Cloud Assessments to earn micro-certfiications for AWS skills.
Linux Academy and Cybrary last month conducted a survey of 6,000 IT professionals, and 35 percent said that micro-certifications would help them get a job or advance in an existing position.
In addition, 85 percent said they would pursue micro-certifications if their employers helped facilitate the training..

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