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lundi 20 février 2017

Mini Laptops: the 7 Smallest Laptops

Mini Laptops: the 7 Smallest Laptops Actually Worth Buying 

I’m frequently traveling or working outside the office so I like my laptops small (mini, in fact). Ever shrinking bezels, thinner keys and more efficient chips have enabled manufacturers to give us mini laptops with decently-large screens that somehow retain small overall footprints. The problem is that there are so many laptops to choose from these days it’s hard to narrow down which are actually worth buying.
And by worth buying I mean mini laptops that aren’t just small but that are also powerful enough to get some real work done (or gaming and streaming depending on what you’re after). These laptops, some of the smallest laptops in the world, are far from something like a Chromebook that would just let you get by doing minimal computing tasks. These laptops here are serious beasts — some of the best laptops on the planet.
But obviously there’s a point of diminishing return — you can only shrink a laptop so far before it becomes either unusable or pointless. I mean, we carry about incredibly powerful computers in the form of smartphones in our pockets and the whole point of having a laptop, really, is to have a full-size keyboard at your disposal (otherwise a tablet would do just fine). So for that reason the mini laptops here are all going to have screen sizes around 13″ (or slightly less). For that reason the mini laptops here are all going to have screen sizes around 13″ (or slightly less).
Below I’m going to give you the very basics in terms of info and I’m not going to put a heavy emphasis on processors and speed because those specs are pretty customizable. My job is to round up the best, smallest laptops to make your job of researching which one to buy as easy as possible. So get after it (many of the machines below do more than I can mention here so make sure to do a deeper dive on anything that piques your interest).

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