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mardi 21 février 2017



 Best Android tips & tricks: Customise your Android smartphone to get the most out of it


There are a wide variety of Android phones out there, with a lot of manufacturers opting to implement their own skin of Android, such as Samsung with their TouchWiz interface. Despite having a skin over a vanilla installation, these phones are still running on Android. These phones all have certain tricks up their sleeves, which will allow you to customise and personalise your smartphone to your liking.
Here are our best Android tips and tricks. Note: As there are a large variety of Android phones out there, these tips might not always apply to you; it depends on what Android version you're running on and the type of Android layer that's on your phone.

Best Android tips & tricks: Backup & sync

If you have multiple devices or wish to use your Google account as a means of backing up your contacts, photos and settings, your Android device can help save these settings in the cloud so that you don't have to remember them and re-sync them each time.
Depending on what you want to synchronise, head into the settings and look for Backup & Sync (or Backup & reset). In this menu, enable Google to backup your data.
If you're purely looking to backup photos, head into the Google Photos app and within its Settings select Backup & Sync. This small tip will allow you to have somewhat have a backup of your important settings and namely your contact details, which you'll then be able to view on your computer.

Best Android tips & tricks: Developer Options | Speed up your Android phone : 

The name might frighten you, as you can change a lot of settings through your Android's developer settings, however there are three options in here which will help speed up your phone, at least its perceived performance will increase.

Once you're set as a developer, you can go back to the About section of your Android phone to see the Developer Options. Within this section you'll find: Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale. These three options determine the speed of animations and the time it takes for them to show. By default these should be set to 1x. If you tap on these options and set them all to 0.5x, your phone's perceived speed will increase by 50%...

Best Android tips & tricks: Battery

Every Android phone has a battery monitor, whereby you'll have the ability to control the consumption or power saving modes. 
You'll find your device's battery settings within the Settings of your phone. Once in, you can tap on the consumption tab to reveal more details on what's consuming your device's battery and set power saver modes...

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