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samedi 25 mars 2017

TOP of most powerful Android

vendredi 24 mars 2017


The best new phones coming in 2017

The best new phones of 2017 are yet to be announced. Before you upgrade your current smartphone, read the latest news and rumours on the best new phones launching in 2017.

 Phones to look forward to in the coming year :

1 Apple iPhone 8
2 Samsung Galaxy S8 & Galaxy Note 8
3 Google Pixel 2
4 Xiaomi Mi 6 & Mi Mix 2
5 LG G6
6 HTC 11
7 OnePlus 4
8 Nokia 8
9 Sony Xperia XZ Premium
The best new phones of 2017 will offer faster performance and longer battery life, thanks to the new Snapdragon 835 chip for which headline performance figures include 25 percent faster graphics rendering and half the power consumption compared to the Snapdragon 801.

It’s also got 20 percent extra performance vs the Snapdragon 820, according to Qualcomm. You can expect this processor to be paired with at least 4- but potentially as much as 8GB of RAM, a minimum amount of 32GB of storage, large Quad-HD screens and class-leading cameras..

mercredi 22 mars 2017

Google announces consumer Android phone Ara for 2017 

Google announced on Friday, May 20 that it's moving the ambitious Project Ara modular smartphone team out of the ATAP research lab and into its own proper unit within Google, under new hardware chief (and former Motorola president) Rick Osterloh. And a consumer Ara phone is coming in 2017 as well, which marks the first time Google has ever built its own phone hardware — the company's Nexus phones have been built by partners like Huawei, LG, and HTC, The Verge said.

Google announces consumer Android phone Ara for 2017 (video)

Google announces consumer Android phone Ara for 2017
PanARMENIAN.Net - Google announced on Friday, May 20 that it's moving the ambitious Project Ara modular smartphone team out of the ATAP research lab and into its own proper unit within Google, under new hardware chief (and former Motorola president) Rick Osterloh. And a consumer Ara phone is coming in 2017 as well, which marks the first time Google has ever built its own phone hardware — the company's Nexus phones have been built by partners like Huawei, LG, and HTC, The Verge said.
Ara Knaian of Armenian origin is a chief mechanic engineer and co-founder of Project Ara, after whom it is named.
Project Ara aims to reinvent the smartphone by breaking it down into modules that can be assembled and customized in a limitless number of configurations, Time explained in a 2014 article.
Google showed off a working prototype version of Ara on Friday, which lets you live-swap hardware modules like cameras and speakers onto a base frame which contains the core phone components — you can even say, "Okay, Google, eject the camera" to release modules, which is pretty cool. It has six modular slots — each one is generic, so you can put any module in any slot, and they're all linked up through new open standard called Unipro that can push 11.9 gigabits of data in both directions.
The developer version of Ara will ship this fall, while the consumer version will hit sometime in 2017. And developers can sign up to build Ara modules now....


Nokia Will Return On 2017 With Two New Android Phone

We all know that Nokia will be releasing Android operating system smartphones along with tablets by the end of this year. But it looks like two more devices of Nokia has spotted on a benchmarking website. Also, the specs were released in the benchmark test. Find out everything about it below.
Nokia has stated that there will be two smartphones released by the Q4 of 2016 with two more mid-range devices. There was evidence spotted on the geek bench via Nokia Power User...

lundi 20 mars 2017

                          The Future of Android Games, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

{Mobile phone|Portable|Cell} gaming has come a very good way since the introduction of {primitive|raw|a bit crude} & simple games like Snake and Pong {that have been|that were|which are} available on early Nokia phones. Mobile processors and graphics are now as powerful as desktop {computer systems were|personal computers were|pcs were} {simply a} few years ago. Older generations still remember lugging around {a game title|a casino game|a} Boy or Game {equipment|products|items} and begging their parents for another game. Fresh generations literally have gain access to 100's of hundreds of games on their mobile device.

In brief, mobile gaming has {cracked|erupted|increased} in {simply a} few years time. In the month of July 2016 {there have been|there was|there are} 63. 1 million {game|games|calotte} games downloaded & {video games|game titles} in the "strategy" category {made} $195M revenue. {Inside|Within just} a recent study over 37% of mobile {software|iphone app} users with 30 minutes of free time choose to play games over any other activity. {Coming from|We have|We now have} all seen it and we've all done it ourselves, whether its {waiting around|holding out|ready} for {a scheduled appointment|a consultation|a meeting} or {seated|sitting down|resting} at the airport, we pull out our mobile device and jump into a quick game to kill the time.

{Therefore|Thus|Consequently} what does all of this mean for the future of android {video gaming|gambling|game playing}? For starters, the large amounts of {earnings} and user interest in {google android|android os} gaming has bolstered {constant|ongoing} innovation and fierce competition in a global {market place|market|industry}. For example, just {a year|twelve months} ago, top executives were saying they didn't see any major benefit to augmented reality. With the release of Pokemon {Move|Get|Head out} and estimates citing as much as $500 {mil|, 000, 000} in {earnings} {in only|within} {sixty|62|70} days, I think we can all agree {increased|optimized} reality is here to stay.

{Virtuelle realität is|Virtuelle wirklichkeit is} another area that has been {obtaining|collecting|getting} steam in recent {weeks|a few months|several weeks}. You can now buy virtual reality headsets at local gas stations for a mere $30. Or perhaps if you're on a budget {you can buy|you can aquire} Google {Cardboard boxes|Card} for {less than|as low as|as few as} $7. 00. There are still only a limited number of VR enabled games but that number is increasing daily. Not only that, as increasing numbers of people experience VR {our company is|were|we could} sure to see a blockbuster release sooner or later.

Let's {have a look at|look into} some real life examples of recent game releases. {Daybreak|Start|Beginning} of Titans which was recently released on the search engines Play was in development {for more than|over} 2 years. This is {similar|a bit like} to the expansion {routine|pattern|circuit} of a mid-level {PERSONAL COMPUTER|COMPUTER|LAPTOP OR COMPUTER} game release on {Vapor|Heavy steam}. The game features mass {handled|manipulated} troops, world building elements and impressive {images|design}. {A couple of years|Many years|Some three years} ago this would be considered {a significant|an important|a serious} release for the Android {system|program}. These days this {is merely} another drop in the large pond. With over installment payments on your 4 million {programs|software} and games currently listed on the search engines Take up it's become an {progressively|significantly|more and more} to stand out. This kind of is actually {great news|very good news} for gamers as developers are working harder and faster to create new {progressive|ground breaking} titles to attract users.

I firmly {believe|assume that} both Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) {game titles are|headings are|games are} going to gain more traction in 2017. Major developers who can pump out triple A content can't be {remaining|still left|kept} in the dust while indie developers pump away AR and VR {allowed|empowered} games. They will be required to port existing titles and come up exciting new ways to interact with the mobile devices.

{There are numerous|There are plenty of} gimmicky {video games|game titles} available that utilize the phones microphone, gyroscope, camera and accelerometer. {Nevertheless ,|Yet ,} these sensors combined with {KVADRATMETER|FLADEM?L|AREAL} and VR could bring a whole new experience to gamers. Imagine walking by using a recreated 3D world that {signifies|symbolizes|presents} your neighbourhood, immersed in full virtual reality, and {making use of your|utilizing your|employing your} phone as a targeting device to {protect|guard} against waves of {the walking dead|the living dead|the undead}. This is already possible with the technology that is available, it just needs to be {packed|manufactured|grouped together} in an user friendly way {that folks} can enjoy.

Combining meticulous graphics with well thought out {virtuelle realität|virtuelle wirklichkeit} {activities|experience} would be impressive indeed. If you're familiar with PC based {digital|online|electronic} reality demo's {you know|you are already aware|you are aware} how immersive the experience can be. It's only an issue of time before these same {activities|experience} make their way to our mobile devices all over. And to think, only 3 decades ago we were playing Mario on our beloved Nintendo {games consoles|gaming systems|units}. Let's not even {point out|talk about|refer to} the Virtual Boy that burned your eyes after 2 minutes of {taking part in|performing|using} tennis. Android games and mobile games {generally speaking|on the whole} {came|attended} a long ways since then and they'll continue to push barriers even more in the {close to|around} future.

Vince Cordic is a serial Android gamer. He enjoys writing about Android games for, to can download {countless numbers|hundreds} of Android games without geo-resitrctions.

                         How Can Video Games Improve Your Child?

video games are a normal part of {an infant's|a kid's|a children's} life while growing up. Parents are often seen focusing more on the potential dangers rather than the {advantages of|great things about|benefits associated with} such {video games|game titles}. Video games are in reality a powerful tool that promote development of certain skills in a child. Let us look at all the ways in which playing {video gaming|games|game titles} benefits a child.

- {It will help|It can help|It assists} in developing problem-solving skills. The video {video games|game titles} require a child to use his/her brain to cross several levels which helps in teaching the child how to solve several problems {in every area of your life|is obviously|anytime}. The child learns to plan and then take action. Their problem-solving skills become better and almost immediate.

- {It will help|It can help|It assists} in {mingling|making friends}. Kids make new friends and {spend time|go out} with them. It is {simpler to|much easier to|better to} make friends when the {passions are|pursuits are|hobbies are} same enabling {to begin|to start out|to get started on} a conversation. So, the shy ones who generally do not socialize would not remain aloof from others.

- Helps to have a healthy competition. Children like to {contend|be competitive|remain competitive} and video games provide a safe chance for them to showcase their skills. Boys especially {like to|want to|wish to} compete for recognition. {This is|That is} a great place for children to {contend|be competitive|remain competitive} {in particular those|individuals} who aren't excellent in sports.

- {This|That} helps in developing {management|command|authority} qualities. Children who are involved in playing {video gaming|games|game titles} take a turn in leading and following others. It {depends upon|will depend on|is determined by} who {offers|owns|has} the skill required in the game. This {shows|instructs|educates} the child to encourage and motivate {one another|the other person} to succeed.

- It brings parents and children {collectively|jointly|along}. Parents who play online video contests with their child are more {near to|near} their children. It allows the kids and the fogeys to share their skill and experiences. Kids are mostly {recognized to|proven to|seen to} teach their parents skills related to the game which is actually the reverse of the actual scenario. {This|That} thereby helps in having {a simple|a fairly easy} conversation which can lead to {the kids|the youngsters|your children} {posting|writing|showing} their problems with you which of them they might not if they weren't {near to|near} their parents.

- These games encourage exercise. Kids learn about new moves of certain games through video {video games|game titles}. They might make an effort to practice these moves {afterwards|down the road|down the line} in the playground. This will help to them in getting better in the particular game slowly.

Therefore, as we saw above, online video contests aren't actually as bad as the parents usually think. They have several benefits if {performed|enjoyed|played out} in a proper way. It is one of {the key|the top|quite} things to {keep in mind|bear in mind}.

TOP of most powerful Android